Police rewards GSAT top achievers

Andrew Harris, Gleaner Writer

EIGHT GRADE Six Achievement Test (GSAT) top achievers were rewarded for their hard work at the Kingston Central Police Station’s annual community back-to-school treat last Saturday.

It was a day filled with giveaways for the GSAT students and about 400 other children from the communities of Fletcher’s Land, Allman Town, Matthew’s Lane, ‘Spanglers’ and ‘Tel Aviv’.

The children were entertained by members of the Kingston Central division, who worked hard to raise money to put on the annual event.

Deputy Superintendent Lena McBean, organiser of the treat, expressed satisfaction of the day’s event.

“I am just happy we are able to do this for the kids, and we couldn’t have done it without our senior superintendent’s (Steve McGregor) support,” said McBean.

“We would really like to thank Supreme Ventures, Fidelity Motors and Lithographic Printing, who have made this moment possible for the kids,” she added.

The eight grade-six students were placed at Ardenne High, Wolmer’s Girls’ School, Immaculate Conception High School, St Hugh’s High School, Kingston College and Calabar High School. They were each given $15,000 for their outstanding performances.

“This is just our way of encouraging and rewarding them for their hard work,” said McBean “Seeing them performing this well, regardless of their location, just makes up proud, and they all came up through our youth club.”

Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, head of the Kingston Central division, was also delighted.

“I am happy that there are moments like these when everyone can be smiling regardless of what’s happening around them,” McGregor told The Gleaner.

“I am really proud of the kids who were awarded and hope they continue to do well. Miss McBean has worked hard on making this a reality for the kids, and we are in this wholeheartedly for the kids,”


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