Tips to Prepare for PEP Exams!

As PEP draws closer, it is now that we truly realise how much revision we have to get through before the big day! Now, it may be overwhelming, but here are some nifty tips that will get you to the big day and through it!


At this point you should only be revising. Use these last days before the exam to review what you already know and cement the knowledge in your head. This can be done by doing practice papers. The practice papers will also give you an idea of how well you will do on the actual day.


Practice papers, as you would have figured out by now is an essential part to the preparation process. You are able to see the format for the actual exam and practice with similar questions. This often is good for peace of mind, because when you are going into the exam you know for sure what to expect.

However ensure that you time yourselves when doing the practice paper so that you get a feel for the time frame that you will be doing the exam under. This way if you work slowly, you have time BEFORE the exam to work on time allocation for the exam day.


Okay, so you have been studying for months, and with each passing day the examination date draws closer. You start to get anxious, and as you review your work, you find that some things you have reviewed seem to slip your mind. What does all this mean? You need a BREAK!

It is natural for us to worry about doing well on our exams, however when we are studying really hard, sometimes our brain gets overloaded and if we do not take a break, all the information will get jumbled up! I know that you don’t want that to happen. So if you find yourself worrying about the exam, or confusing information that you know, you understand; it is time to sit back relax and take a break. Call a friend, or watch a little TV, or take a nap even. Just as long as your mind gets a little rest.


This night you should stop reviewing early in the evening and relax in the afternoon. Go to bed early and get a good night’s rest. It is essential for excellent performance the next day.


Wake up early to avoid rushing and unnecessary panic; take your time to get ready in an attempt to remain calm, and eat a good breakfast to avoid distractions during the exam and to give your brain power to work its magic!

It is normal to be nervous or anxious before an exam. Do not let this get you down. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you are prepared for this exam. You have studied for months, and all your preparation has lead you to this day. you will do your best and you WILL succeed!

After the exam go and enjoy life and your friends! You have worked hard and deserve it! Enjoy the company of your friends, you start high school in September, so build strong connections with your friends and enjoy the close of this chapter of your life. Be excited for the next one!

You are doing well. Tell your friend, it is so good!

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