Grade Five Social Studies

Answering multiple choice questions

There is a technique for answering tests with multiple choice items. Below are a few steps you can follow to achieve success.

1. Be sure to read each question very carefully. Often it is possible to eliminate one or two of the response alternatives which you know are not, or cannot be, correct. That narrows down your choice. Even if you are not sure which of the other two answers is right, by narrowing down your choice to two you have increased your chances of selecting the required answer.

2. Do not give up because you don’t immediately know the answer. With some questions you can work it out or narrow it down. Sometimes the answer is given in a table or a graph – you just need to find it.

3. Do not spend too long on any one question. If you do not know the answer and think you may have time at the end, move on to the next item and comeback to it.

4. Do not leave any questions unanswered at the end. It is always better to take a guess – you have a one in four chance of being right. If you do not answer at all you have no chance of being right.

5. If you have time at the end, check back over your answers. Make sure you have read the questions correctly.

You are doing well. Tell your friend, it is so good!